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Casey Buckley
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    Casey Buckley

    2 Mason Hill Road
    Warren, NJ
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    If asked whom Irish-American singer-songwriter Casey Buckley sounds like, you'll likely answer: Casey Buckley. An amalgam of sounds old and new, you could easily place him in a small town cafe or a big city concert hall. He's played both - along with everything in between.

    Listen closer and you'll begin to notice the sweet voice of James Taylor lilting over the thoughtful fingerstyle of Ryan Bingham. The lyrical quality of John Mayer makes its presence known whether on these pensive pieces or with a powerful belt.

    Armed with his trusted Martin D-28, Casey is as comfortable playing a rhythmic folk as he is breaking out the blues on his American Standard Strat. Put him in front of a piano, and you'll be able to tell his first concert experience was with Billy Joel and Elton John.

    To understand the stories behind the music is to see him live. The simple exposure of one guitar and one voice grants a rare view into the events that shaped the songs. Always happy to discuss life and lyrics, Casey will tell all but names.

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