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Jonathan Vroman
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  • Speaker/Lecture
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    PO Box 531
    Blackwood, NJ
    Contact Information:
    (856) 448-4769

    Jon Vroman, twice voted Speaker of the Year, inspires students to Stand Up, Step Up and Speak Up.  Jon’s most requested keynote, Lead a Fearless #FrontRowLife, encourages students to be courageous participants, not just spectators of life.  Over the past decade, more than 120,000 students have taken action and moved beyond their fears by getting involved in clubs, organizations, community service projects, and other campus activities. Whether it’s your next orientation, leadership conference, or special event, Leading a Fearless #FrontRowLife is an energizing message your students will never forget.   See Jon’s 90-second video @ or see more at Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @jonvroman  *A portion of every program goes to support Front Row Foundation.  

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