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Artaska Arquino
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    Artaska Arquino

    n/a, WI
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    Soul music is given new meaning when it comes to Artaska Arquino. She is known for her powerful, yet soulful voice and violin playing, delivering a fusion of love and good vibrations. It is impossible to not want to dance and feel good when hearing her grooves.


    "There's no denying the power of Arquino’s voice, which merits some legitimate Billie Holiday comparisons. Her rhythm section is impressive as well, and she’s got an engaging presence onstage." ~Milwaukee Record. 


    After enduring years of physical therapy due to a tragic accident in 2007 that broke a bone in her hand and tore all of the ligaments in her left arm, she is fully recovered and back doing what she loves to do. She has been featured in African Music Magazine, The Shepard Express and other domestic and international publications. Her music is filled with love and inspiration.


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