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Jason Boring
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  • Speaker/Lecture
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    Jason Boring

    523 Elm st
    Groton, NY
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    Jason Boring has been traveling around the world for over a decade. He has crossed the country via plane, car, bus, motorcycle and hitchhiking. Jason has circumnavigated the globe and comes with a wealth of experience in the developing world, spending extensive time in South America, South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and his favorite to discuss, Africa!

    Jason presents a unique perspective about the potential logistical hurdles of both domestic and international travel, simultaneously creating a dynamic, engaging, and insightful dialogue with students. Perfect for students looking to travel while in school or those taking a gap year after their degree, Jason’s presentation is purposeful and entertaining; covering topics such as: Safety, Social Justice, White Privilege, Financing, Health, Preparation, Work/Volunteer Opportunities and Fun.

    This is the perfect event to collaborate with your Multicultural Services or Study Abroad Offices and is customizable to the unique needs and interests of your school. Your students are certain to come away energized, eager and prepared to make their traveling dreams come to life. 


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