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Jamie Saylor
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    Jamie Saylor

    7310 Hwy 76E
    Springfield, TN
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         Jamie Saylor, coming off the success of his new EP “Fly On”, which landed two songs on the upcoming Burt Reynolds film “Elbow Grease”, is looking forward to 2015 as his best year yet.  Saylor’s soulful voice with a distinctive country twang and a sound best described as Jack White meets John Fogerty make for a live show that’s pure energy.   Saylor who wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the record, also has cuts with several other artists, most notably to date “Nashville To Austin” with Chancey Willams and The Younger Brothers Band.  And with songs like the title track off his EP “Fly On”, a haunting tribute to loved ones lost, and “Down In The Holler”, a working mans party song, what’s not to like? 

         Saylor, who plays lefthanded, taught himself guitar and discovered his passion for music while working and backpacking through New Zealand.  While living in hotels, hostels, and riverside tents, the people he met and their stories inspired him to begin writing his own material.  When asked how much the year in NZ helped his music Saylor stated, “Life experiences like the year I spent in New Zealand were extremely valuable to my music.  People think when they see someone with a backpack on walking down the road they are wandering aimlessly, but often times it’s the exact opposite they are searching for a greater purpose and I found mine with music.”

         He took that passion and moved to Murfreesboro, TN where he attended MTSU and graduated from the Recording Industry Program in 2008.  Since then he has been grinding it out by playing any fraternity/bar/bbq that would listen.  Saylor is also a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where he played football from 2001-2004.  He is a member of the Frank G. Ham Society of Character for UK athletes, and also the first person to ever receive the Most Inspirational Player Award for Kentucky football.


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