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Brad Borkhuis
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    Epitome Coaching and Consulting

    601 Harmony St NW
    Minot, ND
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    Brad’s energy and excitement comes through each time he speaks. He has found his purpose in life and you can see in the way he acts and talks. His knowledge gained from being a market research analyst and then CEO at 24 as well as a head Football coach is shared in a down to earth, straight forward approach. He finds value in helping you find yours.

    While completing degrees and competing in Football at Bemidji State University he refined his personal philosophy to what it is today. Do Right, Be Right, and Pay it forward.

    The next step of an MBA took him to the University of North Dakota as well as the Business institute of Norway which broadened his perspective and worked for Microsoft in the Business Solutions Division.

    Upon his return to a family business in need of help, Brad guided the company and turned around a $700k loss and found profitability in two years by helping his employees use the lessons he had been taught and turned into his expecting greatness program. In 2010 he also took over as a head football coach where he turned a program around in just two years. It is here he found that the leadership program was successful with people of ages.

    Brad now travels the world sharing Expecting Greatness as well as coaching and consulting with many companies, teams, and organizations.


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