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    Campus Acupuncture

    1867 Trumansburg Road
    Trumansburg, NY
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    Our mobile acupuncture spa provides a safe, effective and relaxing acupuncture experience at your college, corporate or military campus.  Using evidence-based acupuncture, we promote relief from stress and anxiety, as well as enhanced focus and productivity.

    We bring an acupuncture oasis to your Campus.

    Our mobile acupuncture spa provides a safe, effective and relaxing acupuncture experience at your college, corporate or military campus. Using evidence-based acupuncture, we promote relief from stress and anxiety, as well as enhanced focus and productivity. 

    Instant Relaxation.

    Simple is good.  We use time-tested and pain-free acupuncture protocols that have helped people relax and focus in many different venues, from spa retreats to NYS licensed rehabilitation facilities, from military bases to professional athletic departments.  These acupuncture methods have been utilized for immediate relaxation and performance enhancement all over the world.  

    Instant Comfort. 

    You provide the space, and we transform it into an acupuncture spa oasis.  With warm lighting, NASA inspired zero gravity chairs, rice paper screen partitions, aromatherapy, and east Asian five toned music, your students will be removed from the bustle of their daily grind. Our trained and licensed acupuncturists will ensure your student's comfort throughout the relaxation protocol, they will experience pain-free relaxation and focus that will carry on through their week.

    Lasting Results.

    Results from acupuncture last longer than just the twenty to thirty minute session. Students will experience a sense of well-being and enhanced focus that continues through their day, their week, and their semester.  Following the treatment, we provide students with a combination of breathing and gentle moving relaxation techniques that are tools they can use for studying, writing papers, taking exams, and the rest of their life.

    The 'COMMUNITY' Acupuncture Model.

    Personal treatment meets high volume.  Most people have an image in their minds of what an acupuncture spa looks like: calm, tranquil environment, massage tables, quiet music, and relaxation: we bring that environment to your college in the unique setting of the community acupuncture room. We set up an empty space with NASA inspired zero-gravity chairs, rice paper screen partitions, warm ambiance, and our team of acupuncturists.

    Our community acupuncture rooms can be flexible, we are capable of serving anywhere from 20-150+ students in one session.  The acupuncture is performed quickly and painlessly with whatever is necessary to make the students feel completely calm and taken care of.

    Acupuncture isn't for everybody, students who would rather simply sit and enjoy the calm atmosphere and take part in learning relaxation and focus techniques are more than welcome to do so.


    Our highest priority.  As practitioners, as well as educators, we not only adhere to the highest rigors of safety and training, we also teach acupuncture technique and safety at the professional master's degree level.  National Clean Needle Technique certification standards provide the highest level of safety training available in the field of acupuncture.  These protocols ensure a worry-free environment for your students, and our licensed practitioners.

    See in-depth safety information from the World Health Organization:


    Acupuncture as a modality has been extensively studied over the past thirty years, and the results have been clear: acupuncture is proven effective for a variety of conditions, including depression, stress, anxiety, migraine headaches and many painful conditions.

    We at Campus Acupuncture have chosen to provide your college with a set of acupuncture protocols that create a pronounced "relaxation effect", calming the body and mind via a release of endogenous opioids.  This has been shown to help the body combat stress at the level of the hormones. These acupuncture protocols have been adopted by The Office of Alcohol and Substance abuse in the state of New York, as well as by the U.S. Military to promote stress reduction and optimum functioning.

    See: NPR - Military Pokes Holes In Acupuncture Skeptics' Theory


    We operate with nearly 2 decades of combined experience that spans from treating the U.S. military at VA clinics, to college athletic departments, from rehabilitation seminars to relaxation spas. 

    Our lead practitioner Bryan Isacks has been in practice since 2007.  While finishing his master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) at Finger Lakes School of AOM at New York Chiropractic College, he was the recipient of the Golden Needle Award, as well as the Award for Clinical Excellence.  In addition to being in private practice, Bryan is now an assistant professor of Clean Needle Technique and many other classes at the college. 

    We at Campus Acupuncture are fully trained as licensed acupuncturists, however in our campus model, we do not perform diagnosis or treatment - rather - we focus on relaxation as a treatment of its own.  We use evidence based acupuncture techniques for stress reduction with myriad benefits, from increased performance on the battlefield or the classroom, to bolstered immunity and lower rates of reported anxiety and depression.

    Click here for more information on acupuncture credentialing from the National Institutes of Health:


    From set up to tear down, we've got it covered.  You provide us the right space, and we'll transform it into an acupuncture spa oasis perfectly suited to fit the needs of your campus.  Our minimum space requirement is the size of an average living room; however based on the needs of your student body, we are well equipped to handle high volumes. 


    Historically, acupuncture has one of the lowest rates of incidence of adverse events of any documented licensed profession, lower than massage therapy, even lower than going to get a manicure or a haircut.   We carry malpractice and general liability insurance covering 1,000,000 : 3,000,000.  With safety as our highest priority, we will happily work with you to ensure coverage that meets your standards.  


    Not every student body is created equal.  We have varying packages based on the needs of your campus and budget.  We also offer discounts to APCA members, as well as discounts for regional community booking.  Get in touch and we'll help you determine the package that's right for your campus. 

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