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Royce Lovett
  • Music
  • Theater/Performance Art
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    Royce lovett

    2609 Saxon St.
    Tallahassee, FL
    Contact Information:
    (850) 321-2938
    (850) 321-2938

    At the age of 13, Royce Lovett had grown up with music surrounding him. His mother, Rosa, was a worship leader at church, and she had introduced him to Christian worship bands like Hillsong, while also influencing his tastes with artists such as Michael Jackson. Later, at 15, Royce was starving for more music as his tastes turned to the style of hip-hop. He discovered his music “idol”, Musiq Soulchild, and from there he found more and more inspiration from artists like Lauren Hill and The Fugees. Royce learned how to play the guitar, and the combination of these events made him realize his talent and passion for music. 

    Fast forward some years; Royce resides in Tallahassee, Florida, is married, a father, has toured all over the East and West coast with overwhelming success and his European tours has brought him international coverage as well. He is currently working on his debut EP with his new label Motown Gospel. 

    His style isn’t straight forward; it’s a grand mash up of alternative hip-hop, soul, reggae vibes, and R&B he has coined “Cerebral Soul.” Royce says that his music is all about “tap into the intellect and inspire change, because music doesn’t change people. People change people.” Royce’s music conveys a positive, upbeat image that anyone who loves music can appreciate. He writes his own songs and they feature a wide variety of topics, but mostly on love in all forms, like friendly love, love for your brother, and romantic love.

    Find out more about Royce at, and find out about upcoming performances, and booking information. 

    Facebook /roycelovettmusic || Instagram @roycelovett || Tumbler /roycelovett || Twitter @RoyceLovett


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