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Chris Sandy
  • Comedy
  • Magic/Mentalism
  • Music
  • Speaker/Lecture
  • Theater/Performance Art
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    ERI Presentations

    793 Chesterfield Dr
    Lawrenceville, GA
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    On April 11th, 2000, I tried driving to another party after slamming four big red solo cups of alcohol down my throat. That choice ended horrificly. One night of fun turned into a lifetime of regret. I caused a horrific car crash on a country road outside of Atlanta, GA that resluted in the death of two innocent people. I wish there was a way to go back in time to stop this painful experience from tearing away at so many lives, but I can not. I can only choose what I must do and feel compelled to do in order to move forward and that is to share my story to help other.

    I served 3,117 days in prison and my life is changed for ever. My goal is to speak to as many students as possible, so I am slowly moving towards it. I have almost reached one million students so far. I have written a book, and there have been two documentarie that have featured my story, so I do feel it is important helping young people see the gravity in the decisions they face weekely.

    Rarely do I speak by myself anymore. I have met some awesome people. Eric Krug, who is feature in my book, is requested as much as me. He was a stand out college baseball player until he got in a car with a drunk driver. Now Eric has traumatic brain injury and talks with a walker or talks with a walker. Eric is my inspiration!

    Then we have Jaden Maxwell, the Amazing Illusionist. he is connected to us because his dad was killed by a drunk driving. Jaden has performed for celeberties such as Beyonce' and Anthony Hopkins and while he was serving as a Marine, he performed for the Former President George Bush. 

    Our presentation are passionate, serious, fun, and have a purpose with with a learoning outcome.



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