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Mark Stokes
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    Mark Stokes

    132 Farm View Ln
    Dahlonega, GA
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    Mark Stokes is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Born and raised in Orange County, California, he then moved to Dahlonega, Georgia in 2006 when he was 15. Experimenting with all sorts of genres Mark finally settled with soothing blends of a Pop & Alternative Folk style. He has made an impact in the Instagram community and local music scene. Just recently he released his single 'Raindrops' on iTunes which he takes credit in playing all of the instruments recorded on the track.
    The multi-talented 23 year old is a soulful mix between Ed Sheeran and John Mayer all while creating his own unique sound to distinguish himself from other artists. He is well-known for his performances at The Crimson Moon venue in Dahlonega, Georgia and also his latest appearance at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. Live performances are a true spectacle of enjoyment as he sets the atmosphere with his guitar and voice. As a solo act he fulfills low-key environments and also successfully builds energy in larger crowds with an equipped loop pedal.
    Stokes has made great strides and continues to do so every day. 2015 will be an exciting year to see what comes forth from his musical journey!


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