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Caitlin Pomerantz
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    Caitlin Pomerantz

    1107 N. 2nd St
    Nashville, TN
    Contact Information:
    (802) 431-7271

    My teaching background

    Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over a decade, and I'm passionate about passing on the benefits it's given me. I'm a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with eight years of experience teaching in diverse locations and for diverse groups of people. My focus has always been on making the yoga lifestyle fun and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, experience or ability. The benefits of yoga go far beyond being able to twist yourself into a pretzel. In particular, yoga breathing exercises that incorporate spiritual sound vibration are one of the most powerful ways to calm the mind and enhance focus and wellbeing. 

    I've taught numerous classes at colleges and universities and have loved every minute of it. My engaging (and sometimes unconventional) style is a product of having been there, done that. I remember being a student, and how difficult it was to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. My goal is to give students practical tools that they can realistically incorporate into their day. 

    My story

    When I was 19 years old, I was a straight-A student with a double major and a full academic scholarship to a well known liberal arts college. I was also, secretly, a mess. Struggling with mounting panic attacks, I used drugs and alcohol to try and hold myself together. It didn't work. I dropped out of college in the middle of my junior year and was forced to completely re-evaluate my life.  

    Over the next ten years, I absorbed myself in the study and practice of hatha, bhakti, karma and mantra yoga. Over time, I widened my study to other mind-body techniques as I began to see how they overlapped and complemented the yoga asana system. Gradually, I started to connect the dots between ancient Eastern traditions and modern Western science. I learned how to focus my mind, mediate anxiety, achieve deep relaxation and experience joy without drugs and alcohol. I started to see how many of these techniques, both ancient and modern, could benefit people who would never set foot in a traditional yoga asana class. 

    I wish that when I was 19 years old, someone would have come to my school and dropped a binder on my desk full of all this information. Instead, I had to learn by listening, asking questions, making mistakes and taking responsibility for my own path to understanding. Now, ten years later, I'm deeply motivated to pass on the knowledge and experience I've gained. There's a saying in the yoga tradition that you only get to keep what you give away, so I hope you'll accept this gift and apply it in your life. I want you to know that if you ever feel scared, lonely, anxious, panicky or sad - you're not alone, you're not crazy, and happiness is possible. 


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