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Michelle Mckoy
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    American Art Initiative

    615 NE 22 Street,
    Unit 302
    miami, FL
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    The American Art Initiative (AAI), launched in 2012, is a South Florida based organization that is focused on creating avenues for artists to share their mediums while developing personal and business sustainability and viability.

    AAI does not believe in or support the “starving artist” cliché and works to promote arts and culture, empower artists, highlight artistic expression while advocating for and supporting entrepreneurship and economies of scale. As such, we use the term “artrepreneurship” which means the development of business skills to continue creative expression.

    We are a resource for artists and art aficionados; bridging business with creativity of all mediums.

    The American Art Initiative (AAI) was established to support the development and expansion of the arts by maintaining an exchange of talent and creativity for cultural, social, and economic viability. Artistic mediums include and are not limited to visual art, film, music and performance.

    AAI is the successful producer of Caribe Arts Fest. An annual festival celebrating the arts, film, music and educational workshops of the Caribbean and Americas; Caribe Film Fest, a celebration of international film with diversity; and Caribe Film Series, a travelling educational film series.

    We also curate exhibits that enage photographers, artists and mixed media artists.

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