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Tim Kutch
  • Comedy
  • Magic/Mentalism
  • Novelty/Variety
  • Theater/Performance Art
  • Novelty/Variety
  • Theater/Performance Art
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    Tim Kutch

    110 Milbar Street
    Kittanning, PA
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    When you think of a magician, what comes to mind? Tuxedos, rabbits, top hats, tight leather pants? Until recently, this has been what most people thought of when they heard of a magician. The time has come for a change. My approach to magic is to bring magic up-to-date with a fresh new approach. Think M.T.V. meets David Blaine.

    For me, it is not just about fooling the audience and performing "tricks." Yes, I believe the magic must be new, modern, and absolutely jaw-dropping. However, I also believe that my connection with the audience must be just as strong. After sharing an evening of laughter and amazement, I want my audience to feel as if we have been friends for years.

    My career as a master magician has enabled me to perform for such people as Academy-Award winning actor Matt Damon, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. I have also had the privilege of performing for many colleges and universities across the country as well as globally recognized brands such as Coca-Cola and ESPN College GameDay. I have even had the honor of being selected by NBC producers as a Top 10 YouTube Finalist on America's Got Talent as well as approached by truTV to be a part of their hit series Fake Off.

    I began performing magic at the age of six when I received my first magic kit for Christmas. My interest in magic continued and for my 3rd grade talent show I was chained up by my teacher and locked in the coat closet, from which I had to escape. As rambunctious of a kid that I was, I'm sure this made my teachers day lol. I continued my study of magic by reading magic books from the library and videotaping magic shows on TV. I would then watch the videotaps in slow-motion to try to figure out how the magicians were doing their illusions. Then at the age of 12, I began performing shows for birthday parties, churches, lodges, and retirement homes.

    At 18, I was invited to perform at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in a show that was sponsored by magians Siegfried and Roy and Lance Burton. As I entered college, I continued to perform magic for colleges, theaters, and corporations as I worked my way through school earning my Bachelor's Degree in Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and my Master of Divinity Degree from Ashland University. After seven years of education, I could see the Universities where very good at magic themselves as they became very good at making my money disappear :)

    My vast experience has taught me the most important thing an entertainer must do is connect with their audience. That is my approach to magic and my driving force as an entertainer. Be prepared to see magic in a whole new light as you witness a refreshing new approach to magic and illusion!


    -Tim Kutch


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