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Paula F. Casey
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  • Speaker/Lecture
  • Speaker/Lecture
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    Paula F. Casey

    99 N. Main St.
    Memphis, TN
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    Paula F. Casey is a dynamic speaker on voting rights, particularly the 72-year struggle for American women to win the right to vote. The national centennial of the 19th Amendment's ratification is 2020. This nonviolent revolution culminated in Tennessee, the last state that could possibly ratify in 1920. Paula has been responsible for getting The Perfect 36: Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage published as a physical book, 3 e-book formats, audiobook, and she produced a DVD/streaming video, "Generations: American Women Win the Vote" which is 12:40 in length ( She is working on placement of public art honoring the suffragists. She served as president of Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc., which placed a privately funded sculpture of 5 important suffragists in Nashville's Centennial Park. She helped place a statue of Sue Shelton White in front of Jackson, TN's City Hall. She is co-founder of the TN Woman Suffrage Heritage Trail ( She is an ideal speaker for American history, political science, women's studies, leadership and election events.


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