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Jason Wright
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  • Novelty/Variety
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    EVOX - Events in a Box

    140 W 29th St. # 352
    Pueblo, CO
    Contact Information:
    (844) 438-3869

    EVOX provides easy to conduct, all-encompassing events to increase knowledge about a topic or issue in a fun, easy to remember way. We call them "Events in a Box" and the combination of events and box is how we got our name, EVOX.

    EVOX began in June 2014 and our Headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. We know the frustrations and how time consuming preparing everything before an event can be and we want to help take that weight off of your shoulders. The founders gained much expertise and perspective from organizing events for over 25+ years collectively.

    EVOX currently sells a variety of event boxes and are continually adding more every year. Are you currently struggling in coming up with all aspects of an event and finding that it's taking too much of your time. We'd love to help you out by creating a custom event for you.

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