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Karen Wardle

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    1 Oak Glen Dr
    South Daytona, FL
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    What happens when you combine traditional acoustic folk instruments and then add guitar influences from the likes of John Butler, Brian May, or Greg Lake? But wait there's more, now add bass lines inspired by Alex Lifeson and yes even video games, back beats reminiscent of Steely Dan, Traffic, Motown or even YES -all of which create the pallet for the really interesting part...the lyrics! What you get is a very eclectic, rhythmic, groovy, refreshing approach to modern music...they call themselves GREYE and they call their music Progressive Indie! After all, the world is not just black and white but many, many shades of GREYE!
    GREYE” a Daytona Beach, Florida based group of musicians is comprised of five members: Hannah Summer (vocals), Jett Wolfe (guitar and vocals), Josh Reid (bass and vocals), and Ray Grimard (drums and percussion), Ken-e Williams (keyboards and vocals).
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