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Nick Compise
  • Magic/Mentalism
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    Compise Productions, LLC

    755 Iris Terrace
    Decatur, GA
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    Mentalist, Nick Compise is an award winning entertainer. He is regarded as the world's premier mind reader and is described as the "Thief of Thoughts". More specifically he is a Psychological Entertainer who reads peoples' thoughts, influences their actions, and predicts the future. Nick's talents capture the imagination of people of all walks of life and has been featured on TV and radio shows throughout the world. Whether he is performing on stage or in a walk around environment, Nick's brand of Psychological Entertainment is guaranteed to astound all those who witness his phenomenal abilities. Nick Compise is the master of making the impossible possible. Nick has a stellar record of performing in different countries around the world you can be assured you will receive first class entertainment.

    His show, "Inevitable," is fun and mystifying! It astounds the audience. They leave fully entertained as well as baffled by what they have just witnessed. Nick Compise's Psychological Illusions are unlike anything an audience will experience. The show is full of audience participation and humor as Nick captivates everyone by reading their thoughts, influencing their actions, and predicting the future leaving them with one question, "Your thoughts or mine?" Some effects you could see include Nick getting inside the mind of a volunteer and duplicating a drawing on a sketch pad that the audience member is drawing in their mind. To further amaze his audiences, Nick risks his own money in a demonstration of mind control with everyone. If he is unsuccessful he will lose it. His show blurs the line between reality and illusion. It's quite clear why Nick is in demand. 


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