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Robert Berry
  • Comedy
  • Hypnotism
  • Magic/Mentalism
  • Novelty/Variety
  • Speaker/Lecture
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    The Hypnotist Robert Berry

    15219 Ringfield Dr
    Houston, TX
    Contact Information:

    Robert has been entertaining audiences professionally for over twenty years and is one of the most highly recommended performers in the corporate market.


    Magician,Hypnotist & professional speaker

    Robert’s show has been called strong, engaging and entertaining by top industry leaders. 


    Fast paced, safe and fun! It does not get any more entertaining than this. The ultimate in audience participation shows. Your attendees, student and their friends become the stars in this dynamic comedy of the mind, where the only limit is your imagination.


    Clean-cut outrageous comedy in a full stage presentation.


    Robert’s style of classy comedy brings people together to laugh and be amazed, giving even the most cynical of audiences the youthful experience of childhood wonder and amazement.


    Robert has been featured on nationally syndicated radio and astounded audiences across the country with magic, hypnosis & mentalism


    Having entertained for stars like: Yanni, George Foreman, Michael Garfield and Catherine Hickland, Robert is quickly becoming the celebrity‟s choice when it comes to entertainment.



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