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Amiee Mueller
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  • Speaker/Lecture
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    Amiee Mueller

    834 Dark Horse Ln
    Buda, TX
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    Author of Destination Awesome, Amiee is an examples of a person who grew up in drastically negative conditions and forged a path to a better life.

    From tragedy to triumph is her story.  Following a tough childhood including neglect, poverty and abuse, she left home in hopes of a better way of living.  Putting herself through college, graduating at the top of her class, and starting her own successful business were the early game changers.  Continuing to train, speak, consult, and coach while having her ideal lifestyle is how she lives her ‘awesome life’.  A highly regarded speaker and trainer with interactive messages that engage all audience members, Amiee’s passion is to help young adults live awesome lives despite any challenges they need to overcome.  She teaches the strategies everyone under 25 needs to know and is not being taught.

    She is sought after for topics including

    • Creating an Awesome Life, Even if You Have to Beat the Odds - Using Choices, Connections, and Continued Learning.
    • Positioning Yourself for Success - How to position yourself for success using the LiPS model (location, people, & skills).
    • Developing the Leader in You - Understanding, evaluating, and developing your key leadership skills.
    • Hack Your Brain - Key strategies for success and happiness in life and on campus that can be implemented in 5 minutes or less.
    • Living Life in the Front Row - Increasing student engagement on campus and in their personal lives by living in the front row (as a participant rather than a spectator).

    She is known for delivering high-energy, interactive, content rich messages that leave her audience with specific strategies to use on their own journeys toward success and fulfillment. Schedule permitting, she will stay on campus after her message to interact with students and answer questions and/or sign books. Amiee will also provide materials to aid in promoting your event. 


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