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15th Annual Leadership
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Student Success: Retention & Persistence Theories and Their Applications

Student retention and persistence rates are a constant concern for higher education professionals. Budgets are affected by drops in enrollment and student futures can be diminished by stopping out or leaving college. How do we as student affairs and services staff respond to this challenge?  Join us as Tiki Ayiku from NASPA explains the underlying theory and evidence-based practices to enhance student retention and persistence on your campus.

The Advising Experience: What are Students Saying?

Each college has a unique advising and student experience. How can we tap into that student perspective to better understand our programs and advising sessions? Center engagement data and focus groups show us how often students use certain services and highlights their experiences with those services, good and bad. In this session, we’ll look at college and national data regarding advising and will hear from students about their advising experiences. If we want to engage students, what can we learn, how can we learn and what else do we need to know?

Establishing an Esports Program - Build it and they will come

We will discuss the requirements of establishing a gaming center on campus. We will talk specifically about location, equipment/furniture, and utilization. It doesn't cost millions of dollars to get an ESPORTS center up and running. Come join us to learn how to harness the value of Esports to your student life engagement, your campus events programming and even your admissions outreach. Learn how to get a valuable, vibrant Esports center up and running on your campus.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants in this session will learn how to plan, execute and develop the actual creation of an esports center on their campus.

Campus Programming for Improved Retention and Student Success: an Overview
Del Suggs will lead an overview of the programming and student life ed sessions and techniques for retention based programming that will be presented at this event. Join the discussion and share your own best practices for student retention, and learn how to better utilize campus life programs to create a supportive environment for student success.  

Learning Outcomes:
After attending this session, participants will have an overview of the Retention-based Programming track.

Advisors Toolbox of Icebreakers
In this session, we will have a hands on demonstration of various ice breakers, and how to use them with different groups. All participants will receive written instructions about how to implement these techniques, along with information on how to best match them with your respective campus situations (orientations, team building, networking, retreats, etc.). Come ready to participate and have some fun!

Learning Outcomes:
Participants in this session will leave with a practical working knowledge of how to implement ice breakers appropriate for various campus situations.

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