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Our Mission:

The mission of The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) is to promote campus engagement through quality educational experiences, affordable entertainment and community service initiatives. You can learn even more about APCA, here

Are you interested in booking tours in the college market?

Many artists and agencies struggle for years to attract the attention of campus talent buyers through phone calls or emails. Although they try everything to get the attention of campus activities boards and directors, they usually find that either someone else has been booked for the date or the school re-books with an agency or artist that performs there every year and the doors are closed to new talent. Good news! There IS a way to get your foot in the door!

What is APCA?

APCA is a for-profit national campus events association that will allow you access to all the tools you need to start working in the college events market. APCA holds regional and national conferences throughout the year where showcasing & exhibiting opportunities are available that allow you to market to buyers live and in-person. Buyers have the opportunity to watch live performances and connect with performers,agents and vendors at APCA exhibit halls and all throughout the event. APCA also distributes your information to every campus talent buyer in our association through the online Buyers Guide and Directory and online tour schedule resources.

How can we help you get noticed?

APCA currently has over 350 school members nationwide. Last year, over 400 schools and 2000+ students and advisors attended our conferences and institutes providing their boards with quality, affordable campus entertainment like you. 

With our website currently averaging 180,000 hits a month, online advertising with APCA is

an effective & affordable way to reach college event buyers

APCA has achieved its phenomenal growth by giving top service to its members. We strive to be an ever-improving organization that responds to the needs of our members in a prompt, efficient manner. Please contact us anytime with questions or comments.



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