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APCA cooperative buying is a program that gives the schools attending the conference the ability to save money by merging their buying power, offering associates a block of engagement dates, or regional tours, in a specified time period in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs with other schools.



Travel and lodging costs may often be agreed to onsite by filling out a cooperative buying form and detailing the arrangements in the co-op travel rider section. Any cooperative riders attached to a commitment to block or onsite contract become part of the agreement and may not be changed without  the consent of both parties.

The time periods that schools can agree to set up a block are:

Isolated: a single date, usually not including travel or lodging

2 of 3 days; 3 of 5 days; 5 of 7 days: x shows within a y day time period. Travel and lodging are often shared evenly by the schools booking the attraction.

A typical cooperative buying pricing schedule in the program might be:

John Doe: Comedian

Represented by: ABC Agency

Standard Isolated Price: $1,500

APCA Isolated Price: $1,300;  2 of 3 Price: $1,200;  3 of 5 Price: $1,100;  5 of 7 Price: $1,000

Plus travel, lodging, sound & lights.



FTE and Onsite Discount opt-in programs will be offered to qualifying APCA member schools & associates attending our campus events planning conferences to promote affordability for schools. 

Onsite Purchasing Discounts

Participating associates will offer a 10% discount on any published price (isolated or block) to any schools who book onsite by using either a "request contract" or "commitment to block" form. This discount is in addition to any block discounts available. Associates offering this discount will have an "Onsite Discounts" sign displayed in their booth.

Full-Time Enrollment (FTE) Discounts

To encourage smaller schools to book, APCA has also begun the voluntary "FTE" (full-time enrollment) discount card program. Based on the full-time enrollment status of the campus, a school  may receive between 3% to 7% off the listed price of a participating artist or other attraction. This discount is in addition to any other cooperative or onsite discounts, but the attraction must be booked on-site.  The breakdown of the school population full-time enrollment (FTE) discounts are as follows:

  • Below 3000 FTE Discount 7%
  • 3,000 - 4,999 FTE Discount 5%
  • 5,000 - 9,999 FTE Discount 3%

These programs are completely voluntary. A listing of all associates offering these discounts as well as the schools accepted for the FTE discount will be published and distributed in the national conference program. All associates participating in either or both programs will be given signs to place in their booths indicating their participation. Schools accepted to receive either discount will be given FTE cards to present to participating associates when filling out cooperative buying forms.


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