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  1. Where is the conference?
  2. How do I book my room for the conference?
  3. Where is registration?
  4. When is registration?
  5. When is my showcase?
  6. How long is my showcase?
  7. When is my sound check time?
  8. What happens if I miss my sound check?
  9. Does APCA provide equipment for my showcase?
  10. Do I have to provide a stage plot before I showcase?
  11. What is exhibit hall?
  12. How long is an exhibit hall?
  13. What can I give away in my booth?
  14. How big is the booth space in the exhibit hall?
  15. Do I have to buy a booth to come to the conference?
  16. What is an educational (ed) session?
  17. When is my ed session?
  18. How long is my ed session?
  19. Do you provide the equipment for the ed sessions?
  20. What is an FTE Discount?
  21. What is an Onsite Discount?
  22. What is cooperative (co-op) buying?
  23. Do I have to go to co-op?
  24. Can I bring extra people to the conference?
  25. Will there be anyone to help me at the conference?
  26. How do you do follow-up?
  27. ALWAYS OFFER MORE! What do you mean by that?
  28. Does APCA provide backline?
  29. Can the sound engineer drop tracks for my showcase?
  30. Can I drop my own tracks from stage?
  31. Can I show a video or PowerPoint during my showcase?
  32. Does APCA provide video screens and projectors?
  33. Does APCA provide load-in / load-out labor?
  34. Can I bring my own audio engineer or mix my audio from stage?
  35. What are some guidelines for my showcase?

1. Where is the conference?
APCA conference locations are posted here.

2. How do I book my room for the conference?

Each conference venue will be listed on the corresponding event page at www.apca.comSimply call the hotel listed and tell them you are attending the APCA conference to get the APCA room rate. ALL REGISTERED ARTISTS AND AGENTS MUST BE REGISTERED GUESTS AT THE CONFERENCE VENUE.

3. Where is registration?
APCA registration areas are usually set up near the general session ballrooms. Look for the signs that point to the registration area, or any APCA staff personnel can point it out for you.

4. When is registration?
An early registration desk usually opens the evening before the start of the conference. Normal registration begins at 8 am every day and ends when the conference activities are over for the day.

5. When is my showcase?
Please refer to the conference program or contact us to determine the time of your showcase.

6. How long is my showcase?
All showcases are 10 minutes in length. Late night events and roving showcases may vary, contact APCA for details.

7. When is my sound check time?
Your soundcheck time is sent to your via email upon confirmation of your showcase acceptance and given out to your agent or representative at registration. If you are not advised of your soundcheck time, please ask one of our registration team.

8. What happens if I miss my sound check?
Acts who miss a soundcheck will forfeit their showcase unless prior arrangements have been made and approved in writing by the APCA Executive Director.

9. Does APCA provide equipment for my showcase?
APCA provides sound & lighting and labor for all showcases. Any additional staging, sound equipment, lighting, or any special effects, etc. must be approved by APCA in writing in advance of the conference. The APCA stage manager retains control of all sound, lighting and staging, front of house, etc. Any decisions made by the APCA stage manager are final. For rental of backline gear, click here for available equipment and pricing, or please contact Imagine Design and Production at (336) 299-2962.

10. Do I have to provide a stage plot before I showcase?
YES! It also has to be filled out in its entirety with reachable cell phone and office numbers. Whatever act is on the stage plot and/or showcased on stage must be offered in its totality for the price listed in the conference program (i.e., if a band with six performers are on stage then the price should be for the entire band, and not just for the singer as a solo act). Anything not outlined on the stage plot will NOT be allowed during the showcase so make sure it is filled out completely and accurately.

11. What is exhibit hall?
The APCA exhibit hall features associates (APCA member agencies, artists, performers, vendors, speakers, etc.) representing the showcasing attractions and other APCA attractions. All exhibiting associates must be APCA members and are bound by APCA ethics and sensitivity guidelines. APCA exhibit halls will also feature novelty products and demonstrations (demonstration permits must be purchased and approved prior to the conference) and an APCA resource desk for cooperative buying information. We do not allow any live animals in the exhibit hall, unless they are part of your agency programming (i.e., animal rental companies) or assistance animals. 

12. How long is an exhibit hall?
Exhibit halls usually run one hour in length a couple times a day. Please refer to your conference program for these times.

13. What can I give away in my booth?
You can give away almost anything that is appropriate. Make your booth attractive. Remember, you have about 4 seconds to capture your buyer's attention, so MARKET YOURSELF! If you choose to have a TV or a boom box you must bring headphones so you do not disrupt business being done in nearby booths. We recommend you read Guerrilla Trade Show Selling to help set yourself apart from all other exhibitors in the hall. Bring banners, brochures, CD's, download cards, candy and swag.  Your banner should tell people what you do. If you're an independent artist/comic, do something like "Clean Comedy by John Doe!" Have a sign-in sheet so you can get all of the buyers' contact information to follow up on after the conference. Talk to the people that come to your booth. "What do you book, how much do you spend on a band or comic?  Come and check me out at my showcase." Take the delegate list provided to you before the conference and contact them and invite them to check you out at your booth number for a free drawing or some free swag. Advertise in the program!

14. How big is the booth space in exhibit hall?
Booths are usually 6' x 8' pipe and drape, include one 6' covered table, 1 chair, a wastebasket, 1 free electrical outlet (110v, 5 amp) and an identification sign. Exhibit hall booths assigned on first fees received, first assignment of booth basis.

15. Do I have to buy a booth to come to the conference?
Yes. You must also pay a delegate fee for each person attending the conference (unless it is a showcasing artist) and an exhibit hall booth must be bought for each showcasing artist.

16. What is an ed session?
Educational sessions relating to campus activities and student leadership are presented at APCA Leadership Workshops, fall conferences and the National Convention.

Topics include:

  • Publicity & Promotion
  • Cooperative Buying
  • Diversity
  • Production
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Commuter / Community Activities Programming
  • Student Leadership Board Member Recruitment and Retention Personal Development
  • Creativity
  • Service

17. When is my ed session?
Please refer to your conference program to get the specific day, time and room. 

18. How long is my ed session?
Educational sessions are 45 minutes in length. Please do not let yours run over, as it will affect the start time for the next presenter in your meeting room and your likelihood of being selected to do another ed session.

19. Do you provide the equipment for the ed sessions?
APCA provides flip charts, data projectors, screens and markers. APCA does not provide or rent any DVDs, laptops, video adapters, etc. needed for associates presenting ed sessions. Contact Imagine Design and Production at (336) 299-2962 for information about renting any needed VGA adapters for your session.

20. What is a FTE Discount?
To encourage smaller school programming, APCA has also begun the voluntary "FTE" (full-time enrollment) discount card program. Based on the full-time enrollment status of the campus, a school may receive between 3% to 7% off the listed price of a participating artist or other attraction. This discount is in addition to any other cooperative or onsite discounts, but the attraction must be booked onsite. The breakdown of the school population full-time enrollment (FTE) discounts are as follows:

  • Below 3,000 FTE Discount 7%
  • 3,000 - 4,999 FTE Discount 5%
  • 5,000 - 9,999 FTE Discount 3%

21. What is an Onsite Discount?
Participating associates will offer a 10% discount on any published price (isolated or block) to any schools who book onsite by using either a "request contract" or "commitment to block" form. This discount is in addition to any block discounts available. Associates offering this discount will have an "Onsite Discounts" sign displayed in their booth.

22. What is cooperative (co-op) buying?
APCA cooperative buying is a program that gives the schools attending the conference the ability to merge their buying power, offering associates a block of engagement dates in a specified time period in exchange for a lower price and sharing of travel costs with other schools. Travel and lodging costs may often be agreed to onsite by filling out a cooperative buying form and detailing the arrangements in the co-op form's travel rider section.

Any cooperative riders attached to a commitment to block or onsite contract become part of the agreement and may not be changed without the consent of both parties. The time periods that schools can agree to set up a block are:

  • Isolated - A single date, usually not including travel and lodging
  • 2 of 3 days, 3 of 5 days, and 5 of 7 days
  • (x shows within a y day time period, travel and lodging are often shared evenly by the schools booking the attraction).

A typical cooperative pricing schedule in the conference program might be:

  • John Doe: Comedian Represented by ABC Agency
    Isolated: $1200  2 of 3: $100   3 of 5: $1050   5 of 7: $950 
    Plus travel, lodging, meals, sound & lights.

23. Do I have to go to co-op?
A representative of your showcasing artist(s) must be present in all cooperative buying sessions. Schools expressing interest in bringing your artists to their campus may have questions, need cooperative buying forms filled out, etc. If you are not there, your cooperative booking could be seriously affected.

24. Can I bring extra people to the conference?
Yes, but you will have to pay a delegate fee or for a day pass, depending on the situation.

25. Will there be anyone to help me at the conference?
Of course! A friendly member of the APCA staff will always be on hand during the conference. Just look for a smiling face and an APCA badge! Also, registration will be open whenever the events are open.

26. How do you do follow-up?
Call or email the interested parties that signed in at your booth. You can say something like this: "Hey, it was great meeting you last week at the APCA conference, I'm working on a block in your area in the fall. I'm offering the 2 of 3 block price. Are you interested in piggy-backing?" For the advisors that you didn't meet, you can try something like this: "Hey Joe, I met one of your students at the APCA conference. I'm sorry I wasn't able to personally meet you but I'd love to work for you. I'm putting together a block in your area. Are you interested?"

27. ALWAYS OFFER MORE! What do you mean by that?
If you're going to work in this market, you need to have posters & promotional head shots. If you're a speaker, offer multiple lectures - one for faculty and one for students - for the same price. Arrive early to the show and shake hands after. Tell them you're available for teasers, maybe in the cafeteria or campus radio station. After the show, send the advisor and board a simple thank you note (and treat?). "It was a pleasure meeting everyone! Enjoy the candies." Taking these simple steps could mean a re-booking the following year!

28.  Does APCA provide backline?
Performers and agents may rent back line equipment for their showcases by clicking here or contacting Imagine Design and Production at (336) 299-2962. APCA provides sound and lighting for showcases. All instruments, amps, instrument stands, etc., must be provided by the artist. Artists must also provide all instrument and power cables for artist-owned equipment.  

29.  Can the sound engineer drop tracks for my showcase?
Yes. Artists must provide their own music. Tracks must be provided at soundcheck on an audio CD, flash drive, I-Pod, I-Phone, MP3 player, or laptop. If artist provides a burned CD then it must be formatted to play in a standard CD player. If artist needs more than 3 tracks for their showcase, then a typed cue sheet must be provided to the sound engineer at soundcheck.

30.  Can I drop my own tracks from stage?
Yes. Artists may use their own audio playback device to drop tracks on stage. The device must output XLR, RCA, 1/4" or 1/8". 

31.  Can I show a video or PowerPoint during my showcase?
Yes. Artists must provide a laptop, DVD player or other video playback device. All devices must output VGA. If the device does not output VGA, then the artist must provide adapters to get to a VGA output. Any video or PowerPoint presentation will count as part of the showcase time. Please verify the availability of a screen and projector with APCA before deciding to include video in the showcase. APCA does not warrant that the projector provided will work with your equipment, and any such use of data projection is at the risk of the artist/presenter, and no refunds of fees, adjustments to time, etc. can be made in the event of technical problems.

32.  Does APCA provide video screens and projectors?
APCA provides a single screen and projector for all Campus Speaker/Purposeful Programming showcases. The screen's size is determined by APCA, based on the logistics of the performance space and all artists must share the provided screen and projector. For other showcases, a screen and projector MAY be provide but are NOT guaranteed. Please contact APCA to see if this equipment will be available.

33.  Does APCA provide load in / load out labor?
No. APCA provides sound engineers, lighting technicians and stage managers. The production staff will be on hand to assist artists during soundcheck but will not load and unload equipment from artist vehicles.

34.  Can I bring my own audio engineer or mix my audio from stage?
APCA does not allow anyone other than APCA audio engineers to mix audio on the provided sound system. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by APCA prior to the conference.

35. What are some guidelines for my showcase?

Music - Cover songs of current top 40 and classic hit songs seem to bring in the most bookings.  Avoid slow songs and ballads.  The goal is to have the audience singing and dancing along with your performance.

Comedy - NO BLUE COMEDY!  Schools are primarily looking for clean comedians and comics.  Foul language, racial humor, religious and sexually-oriented comedy does not always go over well in the college market so it is best to avoid altogether.  If you cannot do 45 minutes of clean comedy then this is not your market.  If you CAN do 45 minutes of clean comedy, then this is the perfect market for you!

Speakers - Be engaging!  The students are lectured to every day by professors.  Your topics should be relevant, personal, and thought-provoking.  Keeping the students engaged during your presentation(s) is key to your success.

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