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Welcome to APCA's video library for educating campus performers and event planners nationwide. These videos have been filmed around the country at APCA conferences and workshops. They give some useful instruction on exhibiting, cooperative buying, and general information about APCA and its activities.




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Tips on your bio:

After having just put over 50 APCA fall showcasing artist's photos, pricing and bios up on our website for the college buyers to peruse, we wanted to talk a bit about writing artist bios. 
The bios (biographies), which are submitted to us with the artists' showcase applications, run the gamut from professional, catchy, grammatically correct, concise and properly spelled & punctuated to the exact opposite of that. We routinely have to fix errors and edit these bios for the sake of brevity (150 words works best for us). We wonder what booking agents, radio programmers and campus events buyers think when the unedited versions of these bios show up in their in-boxes.
Our advice on writing artist bios is this:
Use spell check!!!!
Use proper punctuation. If you want to get creative with punctuation, it helps to know the rules first.
Make it short and sweet. A bio should be a slightly extended version of your elevator pitch. Here is a free elevator pitch generator to help you refine yours:
Infuse your bio with a sense of yourself. If you're a campus speaker, then you might want to be more formal and academic in your language. If you're a comedian, insert some of your particular style into the content.
Here are some web resources for writing the right bio for you:

And remember, you can always hire a professional if tooting your own horn doesn't work for you!

Let us know if you have any special tips and tricks to writing an engaging bio that expresses your products or services effectively!

Learning Outcomes and You

One of the most challenging tasks in the entertainment business can often be defining one's audience… who is listening, who is buying, who cares?
The beauty of working in the college market is that you already know a lot about who your audience is and what they want. It is up to you to identify the needs of the college buyers as they relate to your material and present your talent in a way that's an easy sell to the program boards who approve the booking of events on campuses.
One effective way to frame your presentations & shows is to offer learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are "statements that specify what learners will know or be able to do as a result of a learning activity. Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, or attitudes." And they are measurable, assessable. So you'll want to use action words like "list" and "predict" and "describe" in your outcomes.
"Clearly articulated learning outcomes increase the value of a proposal."
Here are links to 2 articles by Del Suggs to get you started on your way to writing effective, clear learning outcomes:

Assessment and Learning Outcomes In Student Activities
Developing Learning Outcomes in Student Affairs
Let us know what you discover! We love hearing from you.

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