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2019 Fall South Central Campus Activities Planning Conference

Showcasing Acts

Showcasing Artists

Michael Glatzmaier’s musical comedy show is unique and fresh. His act combines Stand-Up, Original Songs and Improvised Music from audience suggestions. Michael placed 1st in Boise, ID World Series Of Comedy Satelite, was in Sfit, Seattle Festival of Improv, and 2018 Seattle International Comedy Competition. He has performed his one man musical comedy show from Vancouver, BC to NY.

Standard Isolated: 950
APCA Isolated: 950
2 of 3: 850
3 of 5: 750
5 of 7: 650
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Sound, Lighting

Matt O’Brien is a Los Angeles based Comedian that has been featured on MTV, Variety, TBS, Comedy Network, CBC, Odd Squad on PBS, MuchMusic, and San Francisco Sketchfest. He performed his own hour long special on The Comedy Network in Canada, and in 2017 he performed his third TV gala at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. He is the winner of SiriusXM Radio’s Top Comic, and was recently nominated for Best Break Out Artist at the Canadian Comedy Awards and Best Comedian by COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities). He was a Just For Laughs correspondent for Comedy Network interviewing the likes of Judd Apatow, Maria Bamford, Seth Rogan and Colin Mochrie. His debut album “Live in a basement in front of 20 people” hit #1 on the iTunes Comedy charts. He also hosts and films his own YouTube talk show “Late Night Talk Show on a Subway” that recently featured Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall.

Standard Isolated:
APCA Isolated:
2 of 3:
3 of 5:
5 of 7:
Additional requirements:

Julia Hladkowicz is a comedian and actor who has won numerous awards in the world of comedy such as the Hogtown Comedy Festival Directors Award, 2008 Fresh Meat Showcase Nomination and the prestigious Brian Linehan Scholarship Award. She has appeared on The Comedy Network, Much Music’s Video on Trial, MTV, YTV, PBS and on SiriusXM. Hladkowicz has toured all over North America performing at clubs and at multiple festivals including the LA Comedy Fest, Canadian International Comedy Fest, San Francisco Sketch Fest, Laughing Skull Comedy Competition in Atlanta, NXNE, COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) and the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Hladkowicz filmed her TV special, No Kidding, on iChannel. She is a two time finalist in SiriusXM’s Top Comic and has performed numerous times at JFL42 in Toronto and twice at Just For Laughs in Montreal. She made her Just For Laughs debut in the Homegrown Competition in 2015 and has returned to do two All Access TV tapings and a Kevin Hart LOL Live taping. Julia is also the co-host of Canadian Comedy Award nominated podcast, “We’re Doing It” with Amanda Brooke Perrin and has a Canadian Comedy Award nomination and an I Heart Jokes nomination for Best Female Stand-up. Her debut, self titled comedy album “LAD-KO-WITS” just dropped and hit the #1 spot on iTunes comedy. She was a featured performer at Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans and just did a taping for Audible at SF Sketchfest.

Standard Isolated: 1600
APCA Isolated: 1500
2 of 3: 1400
3 of 5: 1200
5 of 7: 1000
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lighting


For nearly twenty years, Azeem has been building quite a reputation for himself as a top-class comedian, lecturer and trainer. Whether he's hosting a corporate event, headlining sold-out comedy clubs, colleges or cruise ships, his comedic style affords him the ability to reach people in ways many never attempt. This 2005 MPAC Image Award Winner has toured with Dave Chappelle, Ron White, and others. His ability to intertwine comedy inside his his messages makes him a must-have on the college circuit, as he educates without lecturing. Azeem's humanistic approach to comedy binds all people together, regardless of religion, color, gender or ethnicity. He connects with the audiences sensibilities by addressing everyday issues that affect "everyday people" in a way that keeps them laughing and assessing themselves simultaneously. Making him regarded as "The Conscious Comic".

Standard Isolated: $2100
APCA Isolated: 1900
2 of 3: 1700
3 of 5: 1600
5 of 7: 1500
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Sound

Trey Mack

Trey Mack is a stand-up comedian from Birmingham, AL. Since his start in 2012, he has recorded his own comedy special that is on Amazon Prime entitled "Have Fun", and starred on Kevin Hart's "Hart of the City" on Comedy Central. Through his relatable observations and musical antidotes, crowds are guaranteed to be taken on a journey throughout a Trey Mack performance!

Standard Isolated: 1000
APCA Isolated: 1000
2 of 3: 1000
3 of 5: 1000
5 of 7: 1000
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lighting

Jaylene Clark Owens

Jaylene Clark Owens is a Philly resident from Harlem, NY. She is a highly acclaimed poet, as well as an AUDELCO and Barrymore Award winning actress. Jaylene competed in the Apollo Theater Amateur Night competition, in which she won 1st place for her spoken word poem, "SoHa." She advanced three times in the competition, ending as a finalist in the Super Top Dog competition. She is proudly one of the co-writers of Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale, the award winning, spoken word infused play about gentrification in Harlem. Her debut book of poetry, AfroPoetic, is now available on Amazon. Her poem, “My Voice, My Choice” was a runner-up in the 2018 Button Poetry Video Contest. Jaylene’s poetry is powerful, engaging, and her performance combines elements of her background as a professional actress. She aims to captivate, motivate, and educate her audience with her spoken word poetry.

Standard Isolated: 1575
APCA Isolated: 1575
2 of 3: 1475
3 of 5: 1375
5 of 7: 1275
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lighting

Shanice Green

Shanice Green gives us a necessary break from the norm. In a world that's seemingly obsessed with the next Top 40 hit, it's very rare to come across an artist who embraces soul and authenticity. Shanice Green pours pure, unfiltered "soul" into her listeners hearts. She has managed to find a sweet spot between acoustic soul, blues, and "folky-pop" that sits just right. From festival stages to coffee shops, Shanice brings a unique, soulful energy wherever she goes. While Shanice accompanies herself expressively and rhythmically on acoustic guitar, it's her rich, euphonious voice that truly captures hearts.

Standard Isolated: 1475
APCA Isolated: 1475
2 of 3: 1325
3 of 5: 1175
5 of 7: 1075
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lighting

I.N.K. brings the party to poetry. They are a poetry duo, whose live show involves fast paced, high energy, spoken word with a comedic twist. “The Penn And Teller Of Poetry” have taken their act to the National Poetry Slam, where they reached group finals and placed 6th in the nation. Biracial poet and event host, Courageous collaborated with Knoxville artist Lane Shuler and crafted a show that takes poetry, comedy, hip-hop, romance, body image, and diversity and blends it together into a rhythmic and energetic live show that is both educational, and entertaining. Since 2012, they have performed at colleges all over the country and have shared the stage with Russell Simmons, Saul Williams, Buddy Wakefield, G Yamazawa, and The Asia Project. Due to their differing racial and life backgrounds, their entertaining perspectives on life are perfect for diversity events, emceeing, writing events, comedy nights, and more!

Standard Isolated: 2025
APCA Isolated: 2025
2 of 3: 1925
3 of 5: 1825
5 of 7: 1725
Additional requirements: Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lighting

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