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13th APCA Annual Staff & Student Leadership on Broadway Experience


July 21st, 2017
12:00 am - 12:00 am

The APCA Leadership on Broadway Experience is a wonderful training opportunity for both advisors and students working in campus activities and related student life fields. The training is two full days, with free time in the evening for your delegation to experience what New York City has to offer. The conference facility is the beautiful Marriott Marquis in the heart of Times Square, and there will be many wonderful opportunities to build student unity, advance your professional horizons, and engage with peers in the industry. This will be an experience of a lifetime.

This event focuses on topics such as:

Professional Development for Advisors
Leadership Training for Students
Organizational Development
Campus Law Updates
Engagement & Assessment
Marketing and Promotions
Civic Engagement including APCA Serves! Project

Student Life Advisor Institute

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Experience a rare professional development opportunity specifically geared towards Student Life professionals! 

Keynotes and Interactive Sessions on Engagement and Assessment for both Community Colleges and Universities, Campus Law Updates, Parent/Family Engagement, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Training Effective Student Organizations, and much more.


Linda L. Garcia Ph.D.

(CCCSE) Assistant Director of College Relations

Center for Community College Student Engagement

The University of Texas at Austin

- Engagement Keynote

- Interactive Workshop

Linda García is Assistant Director of College Relations for the University of Texas at the Center for Community College Student Engagement. She oversees the Center’s community college relations and serves as a point of contact for state leaders, funders and national higher education organizations. Linda earned a Bachelor of Journalism with a concentration in broadcast and a Doctorate in higher education administration with a specialization in community college leadership from The University of Texas at Austin. Her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is from The University of Texas at Brownsville. Linda also serves on the board of the National Council on Student Development, an affiliate council of the American Association of Community Colleges.

Robert M. Gonyea

(NSSE) Associate Director

Center for Post Secondary Research

Indiana School of Education

- Assessment Keynote

- Interactive Workshop

Bob Gonyea is associate director of the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, where he coordinates research and reporting for the National Survey of Student Engagement and associated projects. Since 1999 Bob has been an integral contributor to NSSE’s development and success, such as the continuous improvement and testing of survey questions, design of reports and tools for institutional assessment, and the creation of the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) to assess precollege preparation and engagement. Bob also teaches Survey Research Methodology at the IU School of Education. Bob’s Ed.D. is from Indiana University in higher education and student affairs, with a minor in educational inquiry. A native of Monroe, Michigan, Bob has two children and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Adam Lambert

Attorney at Law

Metropolis Management

-  Campus Legal Developments

Adam Lambert is a practicing attorney in New Orleans, Lousiana. He has been a regular fixture in the campus activities community for the last 20 years and he is regularly engaged to speak on legal and social issues affecting colleges across the nation. For the past several years, Mr. Lambert has remained on retainer by APCA to speak on various issues affecting the campus activities community. He has authored many articles on the law of higher education, including the popular magazine column Campus Law. Mr. Lambert offers lectures on legal topics including Clery Act training, Title IX, Sexual Harassment training, FERPA, Free Speech, Plagiarism, Faculty-Student Judicial Committee training, and much more. Mr. Lambert is represented by Metropolis Management.

All advisors will be attending a special focus group on the importance of Parent & Family Engagement presented by NBC Education Nation!

Advisor Ed Sessions:

How To Stay Calm and Effective Under Pressure

Akram Alashari, MD The Peak Performance Doctor, 407.617.4795

Have you ever felt the stress of a deadline or pressure in the workplace? Your neck becomes stiff, you feel your heart rate climbing, and you may even get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. These are the physical effects of stress. Unfortunately, excessive stress response is detrimental to health, well-being, workplace productivity, and overall quality of life. On the other hand, have you ever had a time where you were under pressure and you were very effective, if not even more effective? Have you ever felt the beneficial effects of having a deadline or working under pressure? If so, then you know that there is a way to channel stress into something that can be advantageous. Dr. Akram Alashari is a surgeon who specializes in Trauma Surgery and Critical Care, which is the care of patients sustaining life-threatening traumatic injuries and acute illnesses. Managing such critically ill patients requires unwavering leadership, deliberate communication skills, and extreme precision and commitment to excellence. The slightest error in any of these areas can lead to irreversible damage. As the youngest double board-certified surgeon in the United States, he will share with you the unique concepts of leadership, communication skills, and commitment to excellence that he uses – in order to inspire and encourage you to become a peak performer and leader in your field.

Consenting to Prevention: Teaching Students Not to Sexually Assault

Dr. Rosenna Bakari - Talking Trees, Inc. - 215.837.2015

Sexual assault prevention is an ongoing issue for every higher education institution. Unfortunately, many approaches to prevention have negative connotations for students and often leave them with more resistance or confusion about the realities of physical relationships. This talk teaches the audience the four rules of consent that every school should campaign for and presents ideas for student involvement. This talk is energizing, interactive and positive. It is intended for advisors.

Super Size Your Impact: Savvy Strategies For Advising The Five Types Of Student Leaders

Dr. Sherene McHenry, Ph.D., LPC - Fully Engaged - 989.621.3763

Does working with student leaders ever feel like herding cats? Take heart, you’re not alone! As you well know, student leaders come in all shapes and sizes ranging from high performers to hot messes and everything in-between. Agile leadership strategies empower you to maximize leader and organizational effectiveness by encouraging behaviors that lead to long-term success and strategically halting destructive actions that destroy productivity and morale.

Building Bridges: Framing Campus Programming to Address Diversity, Inclusion and Difficult Conversations

Dr. Jodi Merriday - Southern Bell Promotions, LLC - 678.428.9260

Sexual assault prevention is an ongoing issue for every higher education institution. Unfortunately, many approaches to prevention have negative connotations for students and often leave them with more resistance or confusion about the realities of physical relationships. This talk teaches the audience the four rules of consent that every school should campaign for and presents ideas for student involvement. This talk is energizing, interactive and positive. It is intended for advisors.

Surviving the Dreaded Student Affairs Burnout Factor

Melissa Ruiz - Swift Kick - 877.479.4385

There comes a moment in every Student Affairs professional’s career when it’s 1am and three students are still in the office and you know you have to be back at school the next morning. How can you keep going? Those who figure out how to survive the dreaded Student Affairs burnout factor go on to amazing and successful careers in higher education. In this session we’ll outline the key to helping you better manage the high level of pressure within Student Affairs and ultimately remain happy as you soar to new professional heights.

Mission-Driven Programming: Creating Campus Collaboration

Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. - Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. - 1.800.323.1976

It’s perhaps the most common missed opportunity on any college campus. While campus entertainment should be fun, it can also be culturally enriching, or have an educational slant. But more importantly, programs can serve to reach across campus and bring students, faculty, and staff together. You often hear those common buzz-words among the administration on campus, words like “campus community,” and “experiential learning.” The programming staff on your campus-- whether it’s Student Activities, Student Life, Student Involvement, Student Leadership-- can truly be the key to campus collaboration in learning. This program discusses various ways to integrate student activities into the teaching/learning mission of the school, and seek to facilitate a true campus collaboration.

Check out our Conference Keynotes and Showcasing Artists Here!

Student Leadership Workshop

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Team Leadership Blocks:

All student delegates will be members of one of three teams.  Each team will rotate through three dynamic leadership sessions on Friday, and will then come together to debrief those sessions on Saturday. 

Leadership Block 1

Hoan Do 

Metropolis Management

Personal Leadership Development

Hoan Do is a student success coach, author, and competitor in NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior.  Recognized as the Best Youth Mentor by the International Examiner, Hoan travels across North America sharing practical advice that helps students to succeed in and out of school. Hoan’s engaging style and ability to share important life lessons in a way that resonates with people has earned him the Verizon Wireless Motivator Award.

Leadership Block 2

Melissa Ruiz 

Swift Kick



Melissa Ruiz, MSW began her career in higher education in Conferences and Events, before transitioning into Residence Life and then Student Life and Academic Advising. She jokingly says there isn’t a job in Student Affairs she hasn’t done yet. She obtained her Master of Social Work degree from Rutgers University, along with a certification in Gerontology and was a John A. Hartford Foundation Fellow. Melissa is part of a facilitation team at Swift Kick that has been named the #1 student leadership program 5 years by schools nationwide and has already worked with over 550 colleges in almost every state. Over 227,000 students have already experienced the shift of “Dance Floor Theory” Leadership Training to help them fight apathy on their campus. She also authored the award winning book “First Year Student to First Year Success.”

Leadership Block 3

Dr. Sherene McHenry

Fully Engaged, LLC

Organizational Structure & Development

Leadership IQ expert, Dr. Sherene McHenry, is keenly aware of the immense impact that strong relationships and effective communication have on student leaders and campus organizations. Having spoken extensively throughout North America, as well as internationally, Sherene brings a PhD in Counselor Education and over two decades experience as a professional speaker. She began her career as a student affairs professional, transitioned into being a graduate professor, and ultimately left to speak full time. From president of her college Student Government Association to president of the National Speakers Association, Michigan, Sherene has lead and served numerous organizations. As the author of Pick: Choose to Create a Life You Love, and The Busy Student’s Guide To College and Career Success, Sherene has been cited in numerous publications including Speaker Magazine, Counseling Today and the Wall Street Journal.

Student Ed Sessions:

Dr. Rosenna Bakari - Talking Trees, Inc. - 215.837.2015

Recycling Pain into Purpose

Pain shapes us, often times not in good ways. It is not the pain that makes us stronger. It is the commitment to the journey of healing that makes us stronger, more resilient. We must not allow our pain to become our shame. No matter how bad you think you have been damaged or how bad others think you have been damaged, there is plenty of room for growth. You don’t know how far you can go until you commit to the journey of healing. Do not determine yourself finished, stuck, unable or damaged. In today’s world, we know the value of recycle. We, too, can be recycled. Recycle the pain into determination, the betrayal into advocacy, the emotional abuse into resilience, the doubt into wisdom. The recycling process always involves further demolition in order to rebuild. So, wherever you are is a great place to start. Accept that you are being made into something so beautiful that no one would ever believe where you started. This talk gives the audience permission to grow into authenticity. Everything society tells us about letting go of the past and forgetting about pain is what keeps many people “faking it” instead of living with authenticity and transparency, two important traits for leadership. The audience is encouraged to find the healing path for whatever pain keeps them from being their authentic self. When leaders heal their own heart, they can reach the heart of others.

The Clash Patriarchy and Female Empowerment: When the Last Man Standing is a Woman and her Womb

This workshop is designed to create important dialogues between males and females that enhance their leadership readiness. Through ‘spoken word’, students are guided from the origins of female disempowerment to modern day patriarchy and its hidden effects on society. This interactive workshop explores deeper levels of understanding about the ancient relationship between males and females. It confronts the traditional hunter-gatherer theory of relationships with Dr. Bakari’s theory of “gene-pooling”, essential understanding to move humanity forward.

Creating Us: Erasing The Wall of Separation

Curtis Hill - Curtis Hill Beyond Limits - 312.340.6125

In today’s rapidly changing world, students need to develop a deeper understanding of what diversity really means. Tackling diversity should consist of a lot more than just compliance and affirmative action. Inclusion is the key – being aware of those around you and not only respecting them, but having a true appreciation for them and their differences. “Creating US” is designed to build an inclusive organization where people from diverse backgrounds work together for a common purpose. Curtis will deal with 4 major areas: Unconscious Biases: “You”, Working Together: “Them”, Building a Diverse Team: “US” and Getting Involved: “I’m In”.

Creating Norms in Cross-Cultural Communication

Joyce Jiawan - Metropolis Management - 877.536.9

As our campuses and market-places become more global and diverse, it is important that teams know how to communicate well. Chances are your teams include people from other countries or cultures. This session will help breakdown biases and misunderstandings to create a positive environment in which everyone can achieve a common goal.

Confidence + Knowledge = Success

Theresa Johnson - Ithaca College - 607.274.3222

Phrases I often hear from new officers is, “Well, ____ did it this way when she/he was in the position.” “I do not have skills like, _____” or “_____, managed everything so perfect. I am not going to do that.” We all are have our strengths and things we can improve on. Being a successful leader in a student organization depends heavily on the confidence we have and the knowledge we gain. This interactive workshop will encourage you to face your fears of being a student organization leader. We will build confidence and offer training to prepare you for your new role. You will walk out of the workshop feeling motivated and confident.

Dave Kelly - America's Student Leadership Trainer - 770.552.6592

Parliamentary Procedure for your Student Organizations

Have you ever been to a meeting that had no point? How about an SGA meeting with too many points? Such as “Point of Order”, “Point of Information”, and “Point of Privilege”? Ever get lost in all of those points or too may amendments to the amendment to the amendment? This session will help clarify all of that and more! Parliamentary procedure is intended to making meetings run smoother, not make them more difficult. The presenter has led more than 1,000 meetings for clubs, organizations, delegate bodies, and professional trade associations. His approach to parli pro is to make it simple and accessible to everyone, so that all points are heard and debate takes place in a reasonable and respectful environment. He has successful written and passed motions, amendments, and resolutions in student government and in delegate bodies with as many as 5,000 people taking part! He will leave you with an easy reference guide to help you and all of your SGA members navigate Robert’s Rules!

Playing well with Others: Dealing with Conflict and Drama

Do you want to be able to do deal with problems in your campus organizations before they happen? How do you keep everyone happy even when there are differing agendas? Different values? After this program, attendees are better listeners and communicators and they know that drama can be managed, dealt with, and turned around in a positive way. This session is highly interactive and will provide tools you can use to resolve conflicts and keep drama in the theatre!

Run Meetings Like A Rock Star: Own Your Room. Stay on Task. Get Things Done.

Dr. Sherene McHenry, Ph.D., LPC - Fully Engaged - 989.621.3763

“Are your meetings masterful or miserable? Rock Star leaders use the power of the group to create consensus, make wise decisions, enhance engagement, build shared commitment and get results. Don’t let your meetings be hijacked by dominators, delayed by distractions, or deprived of input from silent members. Get results and generate gratitude as you masterfully manage meetings of any size. 

WiFM (What's in it for me): An Explorations

Dr. Jodi Merriday - Southern Bell Promotions, LLC - 678.428.9260

“WiFM (What’s in it for me): An Exploration of “ISM’s” provides a Hip-Hop/Rap based exploration of class(ism), rac(ism), sex(ism) and heterosex(ism) to equip students with skills that foster bridge building in campus culture and residential life.  

Real Talk: Navigating Transgender Challenges & Shifting Perspectives

Seth Rainess - - 732.291.6090

Are students transitioning? You don’t know where to begin? What to say? How to help them? Or maybe you just want to be informed. Join Seth Rainess as he offers wisdom from his own life in discussing the surprises, worries, joys and rewards of transitioning for youth on campus today. Learn some of the basic terminology; what to say and what not to say. This workshop is designed to help learn and understand the fundamental building blocks of gender transitioning and challenges. Seth encourages questions. None is too personal; none go unanswered. By knowing the truth, fear is dispelled.

5 Tricks To Unlocking Creative Genius

Melissa Ruiz - Swift Kick - 877.479.4385

Creativity is a muscle that needs development just like any other muscle in your body. Once you know the best exercises to flex your creative muscle, you’ll be generating genius ideas on a regular basis. If you keep hearing the same ideas over and over again, come to this session and discover five tricks to unlocking you and your team’s creative genius!

Dr. Justine Shuey - Sexologist - DR. SHUEY LLC. - 855.377.4839

Hacking College: Getting in, Getting out, and Getting on with your Life

Learn to fight the mid-semester motivation drop, get all your work done, complete internships and make the most of your college experience. Dr. Shuey completed her undergraduate degree in 2.5 years, and went straight into a Masters Program. In this session she discusses how she did it and still maintained an active social life. She will share tips and tricks for keeping yourself organized, beating procrastination, and avoiding the end of semester mad rush to get everything done.

Say What?!?! LGBTTTQQIAAAOPPK Terminology & Inclusive Language

Not sure what all those letters mean? In this session we will discuss Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientations, Identities, Behaviors and more. Participants will gain a general understanding of terminology and inclusive language used within diverse sexual and gender communities.

Icebreaker Toolbox

Troy Stende - Metropolis Managment - 770.841.8754

In this high energy, completely interactive program, you’ll not only add more icebreakers and team builders to your toolbox, you’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently set-up and facilitate them. Use them to add energy to your orientation program…and meetings, retreats, workshops and presentations. Discover how to encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones, have fun and create a lively and connected community. Learn the subtleties of getting people to ‘buy in’ to your activities, let go of their inhibitions and fully immerse themselves. In addition, you’ll easily be able to transfer those skills to others, enabling them to do the same. In the end, you’ll receive a fantastic list of icebreakers and team builders (including the full scripts for some).

Secrets of Blockbuster Promotion

Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. - Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. - 1.800.323.1976

Looking for ways to get more students to attend your events? Are you tired of presenting programs when nobody comes? This session will teach you the secrets of using the latest social marketing-- including Facebook, Twitter, HootSuite and broadcast texting-- along with the tried-and-true low tech methods of posters and fliers. If you don't have a big budget, you must use these secrets to pack the house! Even if you can afford to buy big ads, these marketing secrets will help you do a better job promoting your events while spending less.

Power of One: Becoming Mission in Action

Mr. Tim Swain - MTS 360 LLC - 713.894.0726

Becoming a global citizen that impacts the world takes more than a college degree and zeal. It takes a person who knows who they are and what they’ve been created to do. This powerful seminar will help you understand how your identity and personal passions can either propel you or paralyze you. By the end of this session you will be challenged to critically assess how your personality and current pursuits help you walk in purpose.

 Spirituality and Welcoming Those Who Come From Away – Making your School

a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Larry Jay Tish - Black Jew Dialogues - 617.792.5053

Differences of ideas and identities have never been more heated on college campuses than they are right now. We speak of tolerance much of the time in terms of acceptance when it comes to students from non-dominant cultures, religions as well as international students. Nobody wants to be tolerated - they want to be respected, accepted and embraced. How can your institution ensure that diversity works to connect students rather than divide them? It comes down to the tenet of treasuring each individual. This concept can easily be seen in the unique features of each person--whether cultural background, gender, sexual identity or their individual interests and tastes. They make us the valuable and precious people that we are. This workshop is made up of some fun and interactive games as well as a discussion on how our spirituality makes us more receptive and open to difference. We will give people tools to engage the beauty of diversity through spirituality.

WIN or Lose is Something you Choose: THE SEVEN STAGES for Building Team Cohesion

Coach Sherry Winn - Metropolis Managament - 877.536.5374

If you are sick and tired of students not coming to meetings and events and you’ve driven yourself crazy trying to find ways to get people excited about your organization, this breakout session is for you. The truth is that most people want to be on a team, A WINNING TEAM, but don’t know their place or role. The participants will learn the SEVEN WINNING Elements Coach Winn utilized to get her team to play as a unit leading to a national championship.

Check out our Conference Keynotes and Showcasing Artists Here!

Broadway Show Included in Fees

First 200 Registered Delegates Receive FREE - Ticket to Broadway Musical "Charlie and the Chocoloate" or "Come From Away"

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ROALD DAHL’s most treasured tale has arrived in the land where sweet dreams come true: Broadway. Starring two-time Tony Award® winner CHRISTIAN BORLE and directed by three-time Tony Award-winning director JACK O’BRIEN.

Come From Away takes you into the heart of the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland that put ther lives on hold and opened their homes to this world of strangers. Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships.

APCA has partnered with Givenik to provide you with an outlet to purchase additional tickets to Broadway shows. Any tickets purchased through Givenik, 5% will be donated to Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. To search available tickets, click here.


Member - Early Registration (before 6/30/17): $399 - Late Registration: (after 6/30/17): $449 - Day Pass: $249
Non-Member - Early Registration (before 6/30/17): $449 - Late Registration (after 6/30/17): $499 - Day Pass: $289

Spousal Fee: $129 (spouse may not be a representative or employee of registering organization)
*spousal fees do not include broadway ticket (may be purchased separately)

Grad Student: $199
Bringing a large delegation?
For delegations of 6 or more, a discount of $20 off per delegate will be applied.
This excludes day passes and can not be combined with any other offers

Delegate fees are non-refundable, but a $75 credit per cancelled delegate towards your choice of another APCA conference is allowable in event of cancellations (good for one year from ending date of cancelled conference). Also, please note that the free broadway ticket promotion is only valid for member, non-member and grad student delegate fees. Spousal and day passes are not eligible for promotion, but may have the option to purchase a ticket if available.

Venue & Lodging Information - Marriott Marquis - Times Square - 1535 Broadway - New York, NY 10036

- Reservations Toll Free: 1-877-303-0104 - Reservations Local Phone: 1-212-398-1900

Lodging Rates: $269 + tax / night - YOU CAN REGISTER ONLINE HERE.

Hotel Cutoff: June 28, 2017
Be sure to mention that you are attending the APCA conference when making your reservations to receive the special conference rate. Room reservations are the responsibility of the school.

Travel Information - Airport Code: LGA or JFK
*APCA participates in Delta Airlines Meeting Event Discounts. Use this code when making your reservations: NMKTY. Click here for the instructions on how to input your unique code.

Budget Rental Car: Discount Savings Offer Code Z829339 -

Add-On Conference Purchases

Sardi's Professional Luncheon: $59.00 delegate - Advisors and Students are invited to a professional luncheon at the famous Sardi's Restaurant

Come join us at the APCA annual Sardis Keynote Luncheon, “WELCOME YOUR STUDENTS WHO COME FROM AWAY" for a wonderful cultural and educational experience!

• An amazing lunch at one of the finest restaurants in NYC
• A keynote on our featured musical “Come from Away”, highlighting its relevance and applications to Campus Life
• An auction of Broadway Memorabilia benefiting our national charity, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
• Souvenirs of the luncheon and special APCA swag!
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