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2019 Fall Northeast Campus Activities Planning Conference


October 4th, 2019
12:00 am - 12:00 am

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About this conference:

Help build your business in the college market! This event is the perfect chance to showcase your talents and network with students, professionals, and event programmers from this region. Come take part in a fun, lucrative opportunity that is guaranteed to help you launch your success!

Showcasing Opportunities
Educational Session Presentations
Keynote Opportunities
Exhibit Hall
Cooperative Buying
Advertising and Promotional Opportunities 



Types of Showcases Available:

An exhibit hall booth must be purchased for each showcase accepted. Booth fees and at least one delegate fee
are due upon submission of conference application. Fees for showcase spots are due within 10 days of showcase
notification. Failure to forward showcase fees may result in loss of showcase spot assigned to that booth and all
corresponding guarantees of showcase for the exhibitor. All delegates and showcasing artists must be registered
guests at the official conference hotel. See travel & lodging area of registration for details.

Mainstage: A Mainstage showcase is geared toward musicians, comedians, variety, and other entertainmentoriented
artists. Any such acts may apply for this showcase. There is no price limitation on this category. Mainstage
showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.
Purposeful Programming: A showcase designed to teach learning outcomes to students and advisors for the
acts performing. Immediately following each act, the host of the showcase will explain the specific learning outcomes
that can be gathered from that particular performance or presentation. This can be very beneficial for the
performers on the Purposeful Programming showcase due to the added educational value the schools can take from
each of the acts seen. Purposeful Programming showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.
Late Night Event: This showcase is designed for game shows, hypnotists, dance parties, or anything that cannot
physically be showcased in 10 minutes. Late night events are one hour in length (extra time is possible depending
on the conference). The total cost of a late night event is the cost of one booth and two non-meal showcases. Late
Night Event showcase pricing varies according to the conference attended.

Emcee: APCA™ is selecting professional emcees for showcases at APCA™ conferences. The emcee will do up
to 2 minutes to warm up the audience at the beginning of the showcase and fill in time between acts as needed
by the showcase production manager. This type of emcee spot costs nothing to the emcee other than registration
for the days they are emceeing. However, this is not an opportunity to showcase. This particular emcee
spot is only to serve as an emcee and host.
If an artist is already showcasing and would like to emcee their particular showcase, then that emcee generally
does his or her full 10-minute showcase in the opening slot and additional time as required by the showcase production
manager for setup in between each act. APCA™ strongly cautions against applying for an emcee spot
unless applicant feels confident that s/he can keep the audience energized during fluctuating amounts of time
between acts.

Roving Artist: Acts in this showcase category include magicians, jugglers, mimes, and other acts capable of performing
in a “no frills” (ie- no lighting, sound, or staging) environment. Typically, these acts are given a designated
area in which to showcase during educational session breaks, conference registration, entrances to meals, exhibit
halls, etc. A roving artist may also perform in their booth (booth demo) during all exhibit hall hours. Roving Artist
showcases are priced at $399 per attraction.

Booth Demos: Inflatables, virtual reality machines, artistic workshops, caricature artists, mentalists, sleight-ofhand,
balloon twisters, face painters, and other non-musical entities fall in this category. If sound or traffic from a
booth demo continuously effects the normal operation of the surrounding booths, it will be closed without a refund
of any fees. Booth demos may be performed only during exhibit hall hours inside the booth of the act approved for
a booth demo. Booth Demos are priced at $199 per attraction.




Delegate Fee (required) $199 

Vendor Assistant Pass (Lanyard for exhibit hall admittance only. Day passes do not include meals.)

Day Pass (Wristband for the day. Day passes do include meals.)



Meal/Mainstage Showcase
*All showcases must be reviewed and accepted


$899 (showcase or keynote)
+ $689 (exhibit hall booth)
+ $199 (delegate fee) =

Non-Meal Showcase
*All showcases must reviewed and accepted

$699 (showcase)
+ $689 (exhibit hall booth)
+ $199 (delegate fee) =

Roving Showcase $299 (showcase)
+ $689 (exhibit hall booth)
+ $199 (delegate fee) =

Exhibiting Only

$689 (exhibit hall booth)
+ $199 (delegate fee) =
Late Night Event $2999 (Includes 2 Booths)
+ $199 (delegate fee) =
Exhibit Hall Demo (to be purchased in addition to exhibit hall booth) $199/each

Educational Session
*Must purchase delegate pass and exhibit hall booth to present an educational session)

No Charge*
See requirements to the left
Electricity for Exhibit Hall Booth (Click here for form) $40

Advertising Fees:

Program 1/4 pg Vertical only (Black/White) 3.75W x 5.25H $199
Program 1/2 pg Horizontal only (Black/White) 7.75W x 5.25H $299
Program Full pg Vertical only (Black/White) 7.75W x 10.5H $399
Program Spread (Black/White) 15.5Wx10.5H $699
Program Back Cover Vertical only (Full Color)
Trim size 8.5x11; Bleed size 8.75x11.25; Live area 7.75x10.5
Bag Drop (Distribution Item) $299

Sponsorship Packages

Summer Food / Beverage Sponsorship $999

• “Sponsored by: ______” signage at the following (APCA-provided):
        • Area where food or beverage is provided
        • Scrolling banner ad on conference app
        • Scrolling banner ad on website through membership year
•One ½ page ad in conference program (APCA-provided)

Planning Conference Food/Beverage Sponsorship in Co-Op  $499

• 1 bag drop at conference
• Recognition at Co-Op of sponsorship
• Signage with Food/Beverage (provided by APCA)
• ¼ page banner in conference program recognizing sponsorship (provided
   by APCA)

APCA Serves Sponsorship $999

• “Sponsored by: ______” signage at the following (APCA-provided):
       • APCA Serves booth at conference
       • Scrolling banner ad on conference app
       • Scrolling banner ad on website through membership year
       • One ½ page ad in conference program (APCA-provided)

Breakfast Exhibit Hall $2,999

• Upgrade to Platinum Membership
• Full page ad in conference program for sponsorship of breakfast (provided
   by APCA)
• One Bag Drop at Conference
• Signage with Food/Beverage (provided by APCA)
• One slide ad on the Dinner Mainstage screen the evening before
  sponsored event (Provided by APCA)
• 30-second announcement on the Dinner Mainstage from sponsor on the
• Dinner Mainstage the evening before the sponsored event




Conference Hotel Information
All conference events are held at this location

Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe 
100 Frank W Burr Boulevard
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Reservations: 201-836-0600 or 800-228-9290

Lodging Rates: $169.00 + tax / night
*Prices will significantly go up if rooms aren't reserved by the cutoff date

Hotel Cutoff: Thursday, September 20th, 2019. Be sure to mention that you are attending the APCA conference when making your reservations to receive the special conference rate. Room reservations are the responsibility of the associate. We recommend you arriving on Thursday, October 3rd, 2019.

Parking: Free to registered guest at the hotel

Travel Information

Airport Code: Newark Aiport (EWR) or LaGaurdia International Airport (LGA)

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