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Ed Sessions (more added daily):
P.E.A.C.E. : Proper Education Always Corrects Error
Today, America is faced with problems that have caused many social ""dis-eases"", such as racism, sexism, nationalism, and religious phobias, leaving our nation in a state of emergency. These issues have prompted Azeem to formulate a remedy to inject into the hearts and minds of the American people.
It's name: P.E.A.C.E.
P.E.A.C.E., which stands for Proper Education Always Corrects Error, is a challenge to each American citizen to destroy the maladaptive behaviors and ideologies that have us spiraling down toward destruction.
Combined with laughter and sincerity, Azeem's P.E.A.C.E. Comedy/Lecture Tour causes students to perform a mental pathology on themselves, ensuring there is no dis-ease within; and if so, equips them with the tools necessary to boost their immune system and eradicate the syndrome impeding the personal growth and development."

Beth Humes, Coordinator of Student Engagement
Florida SouthWestern State College‚Äč
Logistical Nightmare; How to avoid the nightmares of planning an event.            
Planning an event takes times, patience, and most of all communication. This session will provide you with the information you need to be at your best when planning a major event. Planning starts months in advance by having conversations with your peers and the appropriate staff. Who do you contact? What types of forms do you need? What does the timeline look like? These are all great questions to be asking and then many more! It takes weeks and months to plan a successful event, and when all is said and done you want to evaluate the effectiveness of your event. Utilizing an Event Debrief form you can better understand the strengths of your event, and what you may need to change for the next time. You will walk away with great planning tools; you definitely don’t want to miss out! 


Michael S. Williams
The Principle Agency – 904.476.3363
You've Hit Rock Bottom, Now What?
This session is an inspirational session to prepare students for the ups and downs of a college student. During the academic career we all have had roller coaster rides and storms through our journey. In this session, students will learn how to "Bounce Back" and fight failure back with vengeance! In the fight to success, we will get hit and it will hurt, but being equipped with the right  mentality will push you through the hardships. 


Daniel Byars, Coordinator for Student Engagement and Activities
San Jacinto College
Social Change Leadership: Addressing Today's Issues Through Community Engagement
We will explore being a leader in times where divisive issues are more and more prominent on our campuses, and how to lead in ways that effect positive change to address these issues on campuses and in our communities. Using Astin’s Social Change Model for leadership development as a foundation for this session, students will learn about not only the individual values and skills needed to lead during times of change, but also the skills needed to engage their community to find common purpose, inspire collaboration, and lead dialogue and decision making between members of the community who may have differing opinions on an issue.


Daniel Caron
Original Play, LLC – 740.314.9198
The Customer Service Extension
What does customer service feel like to you? Do your student leaders associate customer service with their leadership role? There are many ways student leaders can provide assistance to others within and around the campus community from answering the phone, giving campus directions, and interacting with vendors. Student leaders' interaction skills paint a customer service picture that reflects on your office and the campus. Providing student leaders with customer service proficiency can help hone their interaction skills which can impact their job interview preparedness, peer conflict skills, and family dynamics. These leadership resources are not typically found in a class syllabus or office training manual. Real customer service can influence community morale, create a lasting association with your department, and perhaps affect retention, one interaction at a time.


Daniel Caron
Original Play, LLC – 740.314.9198
The Kind & Connected Leader
How do kindness and connection fit into leadership? These soft skills often go unrecognized in management and other areas of leadership.  You can practice these skills-even when those you serve are acting from a different standard. Developing kind and connected leadership will benefit you in multiple ways and also support those you serve. Expand your leadership by using this skill on campus, at home, in the workplace, and in every interaction. You can be an influential leader who leads with kindness.


Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. – 1.800.323.1976
Blockbuster Marketing: Creative Ways to Pack the House!
You can't just post a status update on Facebook and expect people to attend your event-- promotion doesn't work like that. It takes Creative Marketing! Looking for ways to get more students to attend your events? Are you tired of presenting programs when nobody comes? This session will teach you how to use the latest social network marketing-- including Facebook, Twitter, HootSuite and broadcast texting-- along with the tried-and-true low tech methods of posters and fliers. Come and learn how to promote ALL your events. There's no excuse to not pack the house!

Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. – 1.800.323.1976
Sixty Awesome Program Ideas
Do you need some fresh and cheap ideas for events and programs? Are you tired of doing the same old programs? Did you just have your budget cut... again? THIS session is for YOU! We'll brainstorm and come up with at least sixty awesome program ideas that cost under $350 that you can use on your campus. Got some great programs? Come and share them with us! Need some ideas? Come and get a ton of awesome programming ideas!


Philos Entertainment – 607.321.7066
Ice Breakers with Impact

Prepare to move and interact in this fun and engaging session. Students will participate in ice breakers and games all meant to convey a lesson or meaning. Take these group facilitation techniques back to campus to use in any number of situations! 

Jo brings her years of experience as a corporate educator, a college professor, and a professional counselor to this fun and informal session. Throughout her career Jo discovered a love of facilitating groups of young people in an attempt to make the world a better place, one situation at a time.

Joshua Washington
The Principle Agency – 239.834.3875

Basic Financial Tips That Can Change Your Financial Future

Managing money as a college student can be a challenge, and the reality is many students aren't excelling at juggling managing their finances. This session will challenge students mentality around  financial management. With a few of these basic tips you can completely change your money habits, and transform your financial future!


Judy Gaman
Stay Young Media Group – 817.706.5839

Finding and Developing Your Passion

Students who can find their passion are more likely to succeed in college and in the adult world. Passion is the difference between a J-O-B and a career that brings identity and purpose. In this session, students and advisors will be taught a new way to look at the college experience - a way that may be life-changing!


Karith Foster
Foster Russell Foundation – 917.533-5990 

You Can Be Perfect...or You Can Be Happy

This engaging presentation reminds us that we have two choices in life: You can be perfect or you can be happy. Since the former is an impossibility, the question is how do we find happiness in our imperfection? That is what Karith Foster, humorist, speaker, wife and mother answers as she educates audiences caught in the abyss of trying to be the perfect boss, employee, significant other, parent, friend etc... all while navigating this wild balancing act we call LIFE. Using humorous stories, entertaining exercises and some serious reality checks, Karith brings her audience back to the B.A.S.I.C.S.- to a place of gratitude and acceptance of our perfectly imperfect lives.


Mike Fritz
Engage Now International – 269.370.2858

How To Triple the Size of Your Next Campus Event

When you’re throwing an event on campus and investing time, precious budget dollars and personal the last thing you want is for a handful of people to show up leaving you and your team discouraged.  
What if your students had a blueprint for event promotion that could give them the confidence that they would have attendees?  In this session Mike will explain the 3 areas of event promotion that should be present in an effective marketing plan.
Marketing your events on campus is easier than you think.  It’s not about more posters and more emails to already flooded inboxes
This is the session you attend when you want to Triple the Size of Your Next Campus Event

Mike Fritz
Engage Now International – 269.370.2858

The 5 Secrets of Powerful Recruitment 

The battle of student engagement is won is effective and successful recruitment.  If you’d like to create a consistent flow of fresh student leaders to your club and organizations don’t miss this session.  In this session Mike will walk you through the 5 critical elements to an effective recruitment plan show them how to use the “Recruitment Map”.
But before you can reap the benefits of seeing new people at your meetings and emerging club leaders you must put together an effective recruitment strategy.  In this session you’ll see what an ineffective and effective recruitment strategy looks like, giving you a template to implement when you return to campus.

Robbie Chulick, Assistant Director of the Center for Activities, Recreation and Leadership
St. Bonaventure University – 716-379-5000

Creating High Impact Programs For Your Student Body 

Many student leaders know how to host and plan an event. However, are the events your programming board and institution hosts creating high-impact among your fellow peers? In this session, students will better define what student engagement is. They will also learn what events are considered high-impact that will make the most difference in overall student well-being, performance and satisfaction among their respective student body. Students in this session will analyze some nationwide student engagement statistics and create an action plan for their student organization to consider some new types of programming to bring to their respective campuses.  Students will also learn how some newer technologies are able to better reach students and meet them where they are at when it comes to Generation Z. 

Neon Entertainment – 716.836.6366

Slammin' Your Coffee Shop Venue

Do you have a campus coffee shop that sits vacant most nights? Are you looking to inject some new life into a stale Open Mic Night without paying an arm and a leg? In this session, poets and emcees I.N.K. will show you how to put on a “Poetry Slam,” a spoken word poetry competition. They present the rules, scoring systems, and traditions, as well as any supplies you will need. You will also leave this session with a new way to implement professional poets, emcees, and comedians into your newly invigorated open mic. Courageous and Lane will show you how 3 minutes can change a student's life; even if you’re working with a limited budget!

Dave Kelly
America's Student Leadership Trainer – 770.552.6592 

Running Better Organizations: Recruitment, Retention, Fun & Exciting Meetings

Campus organizations are where students find out who they are, develop their leadership skills, and commit to serving others. Orgs are an important part of campus life, where many programs and activities are created, the opportunity for students to stretch and try new things, and a rallying spot for campus spirit and enthusiasm. Studies show engaged students are more likely to have a satisfactory educational experience, tend to be retained by their school, and graduate! This session will provide the best of the “Campus Organization Leadership Training” program by showing the best tips for recruiting a ton of members, how to keep members engaged and interested, and ways to run great meetings.

Dave Kelly
America's Student Leadership Trainer – 770.552.6592 

Making the Most of Your 24/7: Using Time Effectively

There are 60 seconds in every minute and 60 minutes in every hour equaling 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds each day!  Sounds like a lot, right? But it never seems to be enough.  Using your time more effectively depends upon how you choose your priorities and what distractions you allow to control your life.  Dave will teach you 10 keys to taking back more of the time you have and how to use it to your advantage!

Dave Kelly
America's Student Leadership Trainer – 770.552.6592 

Playing Well With Others: Dealing with Conflict and Drama

Do you want to be able to do deal with problems in your campus organizations before they happen? How do you keep everyone happy even when there are differing agendas? Different values? After this program, attendees are better listeners and communicators and they know that drama can be managed, dealt with, and turned around in a positive way. This session is highly interactive and will provide tools you can use to resolve conflicts and keep drama in the theater! 

Frank E. Brady 
Yugar Productions – 412.956.0392

The Power of Words: What You Say Can Change Your Life

Words have the ability to uplift, cause pain, excite, annoy, persuade, spark thought, placate and even inspire. Additionally, research shows that each individual on average speaks approx 16,000 words a day. Words have power, and the words we say to ourselves on a day to day basis can affect out moods, thoughts, attitude and actions. This session will deal with how words literally affect people on a molecular level as well as psychological level. As a leader, the word you use will set the tone for the way you lead as you inspire and empower or disempower those around you.

Michael Stephenson, Assistant Director of Student Life
Texas A&M University - Texarkana

Making a BIG Impact with Service-Oriented Programming

In this session, participants will learn how to create more meaningful co-curricular experiences by infusing community service into their campus-wide programming. Come learn how a small, regional institution implemented a one-day event that logged over 1,000 community service hours in its inaugural year, making it the most successful and well-attended event on campus. You will leave with a plan and best practices to start your own Big Event. In addition, participants will explore other ways on how to engage their campus by sharing ideas on meaningful community service initiatives.

Advisor Sessions:


Del Suggs, M.S.Ed. – 1.800.323.1976
Keeping Students Engaged

According to the National Survey on Student Engagement, getting students engaged on campus leads to better educational outcomes. That means better learning, higher retention rates, and greater student satisfaction. Retention is a large part of the engagement quotent. It has a “snowball” or mulitplier effect, in that improving retention on a very basic level can result in dramatic improvements at higher levels. Getting students engaged with activities, events, and organizations can result in higher retention rates. Create activities with content students care about and you will see higher attendance. Hold engaging events and you will see greater involvement. Help students to form and run organizations that engage and inspire them, and you will see clubs with more members and higher retention. That higher retention rate among organizations and events will translate into a more engaged campus, and increased academic achievement.

Eric Smith, The Money Coach
Yugar Productions – 412.956.0392
The Money Game 

Everyone desires to be a financial winner but most people never discover the simple secrets to money success. Many students go through their entire college career struggling with money and never understanding how to make SMART financial decisions.    Eric Smith, The Money Coach, takes the mystery out of maximizing your financial opportunities while on campus and shares the four nuggets of financial success in such a way that any student or advisor can relate to and easily apply to their lives. This session, just like Eric's programs, is guaranteed to be high energy, entertaining, and a meaningful learning experience for all who attend. Who knew that financial literacy could be so fun? Cash prizes and game shows make this session anything but what you might expect.    


Advisor Keynotes (more added daily):



Kathryn Stremiecki, Executive Director of Student Life and Development
Ivy Tech Community College
What do you need? The journey from one simple question to a new strategic plan

It can often be a struggle to determine the best way to set students up for success during their academic
journeys. Sometimes the best way to figure out what students need is the easiest thing to do…just ask
them. Learn how Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana started with a simple Student Government
Association survey and ended with a new strategic plan to support their students’ most basic needs.    

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