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Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities

Quality, affordable campus activities programming services!


Tired of clicking links to online video demos or making endless calls to find the perfect entertainment for your campus events? At APCA conferences, you'll experience live showcases by the best artists in the college market — musicians, campus speakers, comedians, magicians, etc. You'll have the opportunity to bring great talent back to your campus and save your budget with our APCA Cooperative Buying Program and onsite discounts.
  • Each conference delegate receives an event program complete with bios and pictures of the acts, lecturers, etc. Attendees can also browse performing acts online prior to the conference and preview videos and EPKs of the showcasing artists. Additionally, you can find all of this information in our mobile app, available for smartphones and tablets.
  • Your board can save money with the APCA full-time enrollment and cooperative buying discounts. 90% of all showcasing acts are listed at a $2,500 isolated price or less!
  • APCA offers security and a standard of safe conduct by which the association members are bound.
  • Even though we'd love to have you as an active APCA member, any campus activities advisor or event buyer from a college, university or the military is eligible to attend our events as a non-member.
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